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Truck accident cases are handled differently from day one

Hire an experienced truck accident injury lawyer as soon as possible after your collision

Truck collision cases often involve very serious damages and very large insurance policies. When large damages are at stake, cases are pursued more energetically and defended more vigorously. Such is the nature of commercial motor vehicle collision cases.

Unlike a typical car crash case where it can take several days or longer before anyone other than the police initiate any investigation, when a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision the motor carrier for whom that driver is working is usually notified immediately and this notification usually triggers an immediate response.

Fighting the trucking industry’s insurance teams

The trucking industry and the insurance companies that insure trucking companies know that when a trucking accident occurs, claims for injuries and property damage are likely to be very expensive. To best protect their interests, these companies have well developed plans in place for when a collision occurs. Most trucking companies are insured by insurance companies that have immediate response teams of experienced lawyers, investigators and experts on standby 24 hours a day. These teams often reach the scene of the truck accident before the scene is cleared to begin investigating. This is a good practice by trucking companies and their insurers and gives them a huge advantage over others who are less sophisticated and less able to begin their investigation as quickly.

Attorneys representing truckers and trucking companies will take immediate steps to secure all available data and documentation to build an evaluation that paints the truck driver and trucking company as the picture of compliance. Failure to collect all such data and documentation can result in severe sanctions for spoliation.

You need a strong truck accident injury lawyer who has experience taking on these insurance companies and their massive legal teams. Your attorney likewise must be very diligent in seeking all available data and documents to evaluate the relative compliance of the driver and trucking company with safety regulations and industry standards. It often requires tenacity to get everything and it definitely takes expertise to evaluate these materials properly. Our lawyers have extensive truck accident injury lawsuit experience and know how to combat the tactics and efficiency of the insurance companies.

Let your truck accident injury lawyer get started on your case

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