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Time is of the essence in cases involving truck accidents

Don’t miss your rightful compensation because of time delays

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and deserve compensation, one of the big differences between truck accidents and car crashes is time.

Unlike car accidents where it can take a few days or even longer for the claim to be reported and an investigation initiated by insurance companies, after truck accidents, truckers are required to report collisions immediately to their dispatcher. These trucking companies and their insurers have well-oiled procedures in place to get things moving right away. They have an immediate response team of lawyers, experts and investigators; all of whom are ready to move at a phone call’s notice – often times arriving at the scene before the vehicles are even moved.

These legal teams are there with one purpose in mind – to minimize exposure to the trucking company – and they are good at their jobs. While the injured are on the way to the hospital or the morgue, the trucking company and its insurers are already hard at work building a defense. This quickness gives the defense an advantage in collecting evidence and protecting themselves – even at your expense.

Don’t let time work against you

Because of the tactics of the trucking company’s legal team and due to the fragility and time-sensitivity of some of the evidence in these cases, it is imperative that victims quickly hire a lawyer experienced in truck accidents. This allows your lawyer to protect what evidence can be preserved and to take legal steps to protect against the destruction or spoliation of evidence that is beyond your attorney’s control.

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