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Tractor trailer accident dynamics and how they affect you

The differences between cars and trucks can increase the damage caused in big-rig crashes

There are numerous differences between passenger cars and tractor trailers and these differences can have a large impact on the dynamics of a traffic accident.

Understanding the physics of a tractor trailer accident

These differences make the dynamics of what happens when truck and car collide much different than what happens when two cars collide. A lot of the difference can be explained by simple principles of physics. A truck has much more mass (for now, think weight) than a car does.

In a collision, mass almost always wins. So when a truck hits a car, the injury-producing forces that are transferred to the occupants of the car are much greater than when a car hits another car. This can leave you or a loved one with extensive injuries following a crash with a tractor trailer. By hiring an experience truck accident attorney for your case, you can rest assured that your lawyer will understand the extent of these injuries and seek proper compensation for you.

Additional difference between car and trucks that affect crash dynamics

But the differences go beyond simply differences in mass. Some of the other circumstances that can affect crash dynamics include:

  • Centers of gravity: Tractor trailers are taller than cars and there is often a mismatch of bumpers and of centers of gravity.
  • Multiple axles: Many trucks have multiple axles and wheels and some have different brake systems than cars.
  • Ability to pivot: A large number of commercial trucks are articulated vehicles, meaning they have a joint between the cab and the trailer that allows the trailer to pivot.
  • Cargo issues: Tractor trailers can experience issues with cargo such as unbalanced loads, cargo shifts, cargo surge (liquids) and improperly secured load.
  • Control differences: Trucks accelerate differently, brake differently, turn differently and behave differently during emergency maneuvers and post-crash movement.

Trust a legal team with extensive truck accident lawsuit experience

All of these things affect the dynamics of what happens when trucks and cars collide. For this reason, it is important to work with accident reconstruction experts who have specific truck collision experience when handling truck collision cases.

Our trucking accident lawyers have established relationships with leading accident reconstruction experts. Let our legal team get started building your case. Call (844) 283-0656 today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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