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Driving a truck is more complicated than driving a car

Complexities of driving a truck can lead to more accidents

The size and complexity of larger commercial motor vehicles make their operation very different than the operation of cars. Larger trucks:

  • Are slower to accelerate
  • Take longer to stop
  • Need more space to maneuver
  • Have specific challenges turning right and left and backing up

It is a mistake to think that driving a truck is anything like driving a car.

Evaluating the driver’s conduct in trucking accidents

When evaluating a truck driver’s conduct during a trucking accident, it is important that your attorney to do so from the perspective of a truck driver, not the perspective of a car driver. A good way to start to understand this perspective is to review the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Manual. While not all truck drivers are required to have a CDL, the CDL Manual is nonetheless a great source of basic truck driving knowledge. Using this knowledge, your trucking accident lawyer should be able to begin to build your case.

Get expert assistance with your trucking accident lawsuit

Driving a truck is more difficult than driving a car and trucking companies are aware of this fact. Because trucks can be less forgiving, companies and insurers know that many times trucking accidents are the fault of their driver, truck or other party related to them. And they are ready to fight.

Let our experienced trucking accident attorneys handle your case. Call (844) 283-0656 today to discuss your potential lawsuit with our legal team. There is no fee or obligation.

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