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As trucker’s firing shows, electronic log devices not a cure-all

Written by Steve Gursten Posted July 19th, 2017

He admitted to using a fake logbook instead of electronic log devices, and racking up dangerous 20-hour road stints. His speaking out exposes the system’s flaws

electronic log devices

Technology will make us more safe. But it will not prevent all truck accidents. As lawyers, we hear and read about people scamming the system to get around the … Read More

When truckers drive the night shift

Written by Steve Gursten Posted February 23rd, 2016

Study finds high risk of near-crash driving events following night-shift work… This means more wrecks caused by fatigued truck drivers

It’s in the stats, folks. When workers are on the night shift, their risk for being involved in a serious truck accident goes up. This is according to a recent study published by the Proceedings … Read More

What role should a truck company play in preventing truck driver fatigue – before it causes a crash?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted January 8th, 2014

Trucking companies have a duty under the FMCSRs to prevent their truckers from driving fatigued

Truck Driver fatigue

It is no secret that truck driver fatigue leading to preventable crashes is one of the most prevalent problems in the entire trucking industry.

Most industry figures grossly underestimate the occurrences of fatigue related semi-truck wrecks. In fact, even government … Read More

Can facial expressions predict truck accidents?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted July 1st, 2013

Auto facial recognition technology to interpret  driver fatigue by reading facial expressions

truck driver fatigue

Auto technology is becoming so advanced that it will soon be able to read a truck driver’s facial expressions and muscle movements to determine whether the driver is too tired, too distracted, or even  too angry to safely drive his or her tractor … Read More

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