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Lessons for attorneys litigating school bus accident lawsuits

Written by Steve Gursten Posted January 12th, 2017

7 things we can take away from the school bus crash that killed 6 elementary students in TN

I’m representing one of the children in the recent tragic Chattanooga, Tennessee school bus accident lawsuits that has been in the news. The crash killed 6 elementary students and injured several others. The family that’s hired me … Read More

Attorney Joe Fried talks about his experience litigating the tragic school bus accident that killed 6 elementary students in Chattanooga, TN

Written by Steve Gursten Posted January 5th, 2017

“There’s a big difference between lawyers who do this for a living [litigating bus accident cases] versus lawyers…where this is not their day-to-day lives….”


Less than one month after the fatal Baltimore accident involving a school bus and a public MTA bus that killed six people and injured 10 more, another terrible bus accident has … Read More

Could the Baltimore school bus-MTA accident have been prevented with better school bus driver training?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted November 10th, 2016

A CDL and about 10 hours of training, and most school bus drivers can get behind the wheel under Federal law, bringing light to a national issue of school bus driver safety and bus crash prevention


Earlier this year, we wrote about how the FMSCA wants to improve training standards for entry-level bus and truck … Read More

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