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Why attorneys should always FOIA the FMSCA

Written by Steve Gursten Posted September 8th, 2016

Sending a Freedom of Information request can change your entire case


Last week, we wrote about the great checklists provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), that can help attorneys to uncover the key federal regulations and safety violations that lay behind every truck accident. Attorneys should do this right away, so no … Read More

BREAKING NEWS: FMCSA will again display crucial truck company safety info

Written by Steve Gursten Posted March 30th, 2016

Following the controversial removal of critical safety data – including CSA scores from the FMCSA SAFER website – the agency announced it will now post the “absolute measures” of BASIC scores for public view – but how much?

FMSCA BASIC scores, image

You may recall that our attorneys recently discussed some monumental and very disappointing changes to the FMCSA’s … Read More

FMCSA shuts down Ken’s Trucking in Florida

Written by Steve Gursten Posted October 30th, 2014

Agency finds motor carrier posed imminent threat to public safety

Sorry we are closedThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered Florida-based Ken’s Trucking, LLC, to immediately shut down following a federal safety investigation which revealed numerous widespread, and rampant safety violations.

The FMCSA has the power to immediately shut down dangerous truck or bus companies, or … Read More

FMCSA rolls out new Safety Measurement System website to show clearer picture of truck companies’ safety records

Written by Steve Gursten Posted September 29th, 2014

How attorneys can use new site to access safety information on  trucking companies and drivers to better protect the public

SMS Safety Measurement System website

Recently, the FMCSA redesigned its Safety Measurement System (SMS) website, and the changes are now live. Every attorney who litigates trucking accident cases  involving serious personal injury should be familiar with this important website.

It … Read More

Updated hazmat routes from FMSCA

Written by Steve Gursten Posted September 12th, 2014

Federal Registry highlights new routes where truck drivers can legally transport hazardous materials

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently unveiled an updated list of routes truckers are not allowed to use for carrying hazardous materials in commercial motor vehicles.  For attorneys who litigate truck accident cases, this new updated list of routes will  … Read More

FMCSA releases final report on electronic hours-of-service recorders

Written by Steve Gursten Posted June 17th, 2014

Study shows semi-truck equipped with HOS recorders are significantly safer

electronic hours of service recorders

The FMCSA has finally released a final report regarding electronic-hours-of-service recorders (EHSRs).  The report confirms something that every attorney who works with the Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable already knows: Trucks equipped with EHSRs  have lower crash rates and hours of service (HOS) violations than the … Read More

Could wireless inspections help weed out dangerous semi-trucks?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted April 16th, 2014

FMCSA plans on testing a wireless inspection mechanism that would flag dangerous trucks for closer roadside inspections

picking the weeds, please have a look at my similar images of this subject

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve safety and ramp up the commercial vehicle inspection arena, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is conducting a live field test to see if wireless technology could actually be … Read More

FMCSA developing brand new test for new truck companies!

Written by Steve Gursten Posted April 15th, 2014

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration looking for feedback on knowledge testing to acquire a DOT number before a new motor carrier can begin operating

DOT numbers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently introduced a new idea to test actual trucking companies before they open – not just the truck drivers applying for a CDL.

That’s … Read More

FMCSA finally releases proposal to require black boxes in all trucks

Written by Steve Gursten Posted March 28th, 2014

black box eld proposal

The wait is over. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced its proposal to require commercial truck and bus companies to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) in their trucks and buses.

ELDS are commonly referred to as black boxes (although lawyers who are sending written discovery such as interrogatories that do not specify … Read More

FMSCA to release proposal to require electronic logging devices (ELD) is all trucks

Written by Steve Gursten Posted January 24th, 2014

Electronic logging device trucks

Today I’d like to discuss an important  safety measure  in the works from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMSCA is nearly ready to release a proposal that would require electronic logging devices (ELDs) in all semi trucks.

Electronic logging devices are attached to the engines of commercial motor vehicles to capture speed, … Read More

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