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How to keep distracted driving truck accidents from happening

Written by Steve Gursten Posted June 14th, 2017

Tips for avoiding distracted driving truck accidents include no texting, no dispatching devices, no hand-held phones and no eating or drinking while driving

Distracted driving truck accidents

Few – if any – things are more dangerous and potentially deadly than a distracted truck driver barreling along a crowded highway, behind the wheel of a fully loaded 80,000-pound tractor-trailer.

Indeed, … Read More

Driver sentenced in 2010 truck accident that killed 3 people due to distracted driving

Written by Steve Gursten Posted September 12th, 2012

The deadly consequences that result from distracted truck driving

Recently,  a truck driver was sentenced on three counts of criminal vehicular homicide in connection with a distracted driving crash that killed two women and an unborn child.

In this very tragic instance, the driver was held accountable for his negligent actions in a criminal case.  … Read More

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