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Truck crashes drop 73% after speed-limiters made mandatory

Written by Steve Gursten Posted July 7th, 2017

Study shows speed-related truck crashes caused by at-fault truckers slowed dramatically after Ontario required all trucks to have speed-limiter devices

Truck crashes

The naysayers were wrong about speed-limiters preventing truck crashes.

Groups like Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) pedaled doom and gloom predictions about how requiring speed-limiters on trucks would create a dangerous speed differential with cars … Read More

Attorney Steven Gursten named to prestigious Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10

Written by Steve Gursten Posted June 30th, 2017

Longtime truck accident lawyer Steve Gursten named to national invitation-only group comprised of the most successful trucking trial lawyers

Trucking Trial Lawyers

There are several reasons why I’m passionate about being a truck accident attorney.

The most important ones are the opportunities I’ve had to seek justice for those injured in trucking accidents, and while doing this to … Read More

Eliminating left-hand turns for trucks is the right thing to do

Written by Steve Gursten Posted March 10th, 2017

If trucking companies and truck drivers stopped making ‘left-hand turns,’ they would eliminate a ‘critical pre-crash event’ in 22.2% of motor vehicle accidents; 61% of truck accidents in intersections ‘involve left turns’

It’d be nice if UPS’s motivation was preventing truck accidents.

But the fact that UPS’s policy against left-hand turns was driven by the … Read More

Can ‘Trooper in a Truck’ safety initiative prevent truck accidents?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted March 3rd, 2017

If Nebraska partnership between State Patrol and Truckers Association works, maybe it can be rolled out nationally to stop increases in fatal truck accidents

Could having traffic cops in truckers’ cabs prevent truck accidents?

It’s an idea worth exploring.

In fact, that’s exactly what they’re doing in Nebraska.

In its February 27, 2017, story, “State … Read More

Why elderly truck drivers are causing more truck accidents than ever

Written by Steve Gursten Posted November 22nd, 2016

As the trucking industry faces a truck driver shortage, many elderly truck drivers are filling in; here are the serious consequences


This blog post is about elderly truck drivers, but I want to start quickly with a different layer: I was recently interviewed as a truck accident attorney and safety expert on the CBS Evening … Read More

Is Congress using Zika to weaken truck safety and allow truckers to extend driving time?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted July 7th, 2016

Sad but true: Funding to battle the mosquito-borne virus is tied to a bill that would allow tired truckers to stay on the road for more than 80 hours a week

semi-truck-highwayMeasures that would allow truck drivers to work more than 80 hours a week – up from the current HOS limit of 70 – … Read More

Why is Macy’s using a dangerous truck company to transport its goods?

Written by Steve Gursten Posted June 14th, 2016

As the number of truck accidents increased, Macy’s knowingly continued to use a company among the worst for motor carrier safety records

macy shipper, image

The connection between fatal tractor trailer crashes and companies with sub par and often very dangerous safety records is one that our attorneys repeatedly show on this truck litigation and commercial transportation safety … Read More

CBS Evening News: Steve Gursten explains how truck drivers with dangerous medical conditions are causing deadly wrecks

Written by Steve Gursten Posted May 31st, 2016

In this special report, Gursten outlines the safety crisis that truck accident attorneys see when truckers hide health problems to keep driving

According to the latest FMSCA statistics, nearly 4,000 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes in 2014. But a recent report from ‘CBS This Morning’ and the ‘Evening News with Brian … Read More

Wyoming ranked 2nd most dangerous state for truck accident fatalities

Written by Steve Gursten Posted March 1st, 2016

Wyoming averaged 4 truck crashes per day in 2014, injuring 467 people & killing 34- an increase of 36% from 2013

Wyoming truck accidents, image

In original research by our Truck Roundtable attorneys, Wyoming ranked as the 2nd most dangerous state in terms of fatal truck accidents per capita. The 2014 fatality rate equaled .0048% – or 4.8 fatal … Read More

When truckers drive the night shift

Written by Steve Gursten Posted February 23rd, 2016

Study finds high risk of near-crash driving events following night-shift work… This means more wrecks caused by fatigued truck drivers

It’s in the stats, folks. When workers are on the night shift, their risk for being involved in a serious truck accident goes up. This is according to a recent study published by the Proceedings … Read More

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