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Speed limiter devices for all commercial trucks may soon be law

Written by Michael Leizerman Posted July 13th, 2016

Safety measure, now delayed more than 20 times, would require large trucks to have speed limiter devices to cap maximum speeds to a predetermined miles per hour


Imagine a moving brick wall.

Now imagine a moving brick wall coming at you at excessive speed.

The fact that many trucks on our roads speed doesn’t surprise anyone. All you need to do is drive on a freeway or highway and you will soon see it yourself. But there may be something that can soon be done about it.

A requirement for the use of speed limiting devices on heavy trucks may soon be law, as an amendment introduced by U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), to direct the Secretary of Transportation to issue a final rule was recently passed by the Senate. It will be included in a transportation funding measure being debated in the Senate.

A speed limiter is a governor device used to limit the top speed of a vehicle.

Our attorneys strongly support this proposed rule. It has the potential to greatly reduce the number of truck accidents caused by speeding trucks and commercial motor vehicles that are driving at excessive speeds. Besides violating speed limit laws, speeding trucks also increases the risk of serious injury or death for any motor vehicle that a truck crashes into.

After the tragic 2015 truck accident death of five nursing students on a Georgia highway, Sen. Isakson called on the administration to act expeditiously to adopt this long overdue and much-needed safety measure, which would require large trucks to have speed limiter devices to cap maximum speeds to a predetermined miles per hour.

Truck Accident Roundtable Co-Founder Joe Fried was one of the key attorneys who litigated this terrible Atlanta case, which resulted in an $80 million global settlement. The settlement is notable, but not because of the dollar amount as many people or attorneys first assume. It is notable because of Joe’s settlement requirement that the trucking companies involved would make changes to prevent future crashes. Some of these changes were internal operating procedures to prevent unqualified drivers from slipping though the screening process. The other is a commitment by the trucking companies to implement the latest “forward looking collision avoidance technology” on all their new trucks.

Sen. Isakson says this safety measure could have prevented the tragic deaths of the nursing students, especially since 2011, the Department of Transportation has delayed the proposed rule-making of the “speed limiter rule” more than 20 times.

The deadline for publishing the proposed rule had previously been delayed to the spring of 2016. To date, a proposed rule has yet to be published.

According to the DOT, the “speed limiter rule” would have minimal cost, as all heavy trucks already have these devices installed. The department has also found the rule would decrease the estimated 1,115 fatal crashes a year involving vehicles with a weight of 26,000 pounds or more on roads with posted speed limits of 55 mph or more.

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Michael Leizerman is a founding member of the Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable and the managing partner at E.J. Leizerman & Associates. Michael litigates major trucking collision cases across the United States. He has co-counseled with lawyers in 18 states and has received several top-reported state truck accident settlements. Michael is the author of "Litigating Truck Accident Cases." He is past president of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Lawyer Litigation Group. Michael lectures throughout the United States on truck accident litigation and works with other injury attorneys from across the country. Michael has a commercial driver's license.
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